Edward Serie 400 Net

Edward 400 Net

We are pleased to introduce the new range of cardboard shredder series EDWARD: A professional line of industrial, ecological, economic and compact shredders. Enough useless waste and improvised packaging! EDWARD frees space in the warehouse by transforming the cartons into cardboard elastic mesh perfect for packing.


Why buy the Edward cardboard shredder?

  Designed for heavy use with 8 mm. blades, roller bearings, reinforced shaft and reinforced belt!      
  Transforms your used cartons in precious packaging material, without wasting time and effort!
  You can protect your products inside the boxes, without buying polystyrene and bubble wrap.
  Due to its flexibility the carboard mesh produced is easily adaptable,to any type of packaging with remarkable impact resistance. Frees warehouse space needed to store packaging material.
  It cuts the costs of waste disposal and packaging.
  It frees space, ecological and economical.

Unique in the world with 3 cutting styles!

• Elastic Mesh
• Strips
• Chips

Why our cardboard shredders are the best?:

• Long lasting steel blades.
• Special gears for hard working cycles.
• Monolithic body structure.
• 12m/minute high cutting speed.
• Bearings for high radial loads.
• Heavy overall machine weight for professional applications.
• Wheels equipped for easy moving.
• Vacuum equipped.
• Checking window for blades.
• Scratch proof powder painting.
• Anti-wear treated.
• Simple and easy-to-use thanks to its two-position switch: on / off.
• Heavy duty frame and stainless steel carter suitable for intensive usage in freight forwarding departments.
• Complies with all relevant national and international safety standards.                                                         
• Over-sized engine for optimum reliability. 

Data for Shipping:

Vol. PackagingSize PackagingWeight
0,45 m³120x60x62 cm150 kg

Technical Details:

ModelED 400 1phaseED 400 3phase
Larghezza bocca di taglioCutter Feed width400 mm400 mm
Cutter Feed height16 mm16 mm
Cutting Capacity6 M3 per hour of NOT pre processed material6 M3 per hour of NOT pre processed material
Cutting Speed14/m/min14/m/min
Continuous Run Time Motor8 h8 h
Voltage Cycle (V/Hz)3HP 1phase3HP 3phase
Voltaggio (V/Hz)220-240V 50-60Hz380-400V 50-60Hz
Noise Level db/(A)5555
Dimensions (without legs kit) LxAxP95x50x50cm95x50x50cm
Dimensions (with legs kit) LxAxP95x105x50cm95x105x50cm
Weight140 kg140 kg
Open InletSiSi
HEPA vacuum (optional)SiSi
thermo-hardened steel BladesSiSi

Roller bearings,
reinforced shaft

Wheels with brakesSiSi
Blades inspection windowsSiSi
Periodic Lubrication of BladesSiSi

Kit “Chips” Mode (optional)

Kit “Strips” Mode (optional)SiSi
Shreds CDSiSi
Shreds FloppySiSi
Shreds Credit CardsSiSi
Shreds cardboard with staplesSiSi
Switch on/off/reverseSiSi
Emergency safety stopSiSi
Compliance with CE regulationsSiSi
12 months warrantySiSi
100% Made in ItalySiSi