Edward Office

Edward Office

We would like to introduce you our new Multiufficio Edward, the new generation Documents Shredder Machine.

With a powerful 1hp engine, Multiufficio Edward destroys very quickly, continuative and noiseless a huge quantity of documents.

Conforming CE security rules, Multiuffio Edward is equipped by an anti-imbrigliamento security device (ties/scarf/hats) so as to avoid accidental damages due to a wrong use.


Main features:

• 1 hp strong engine.

• Big cutting mouth (330mm).

• High cutting sheet capacity until 30 A3 papers.

Conforming CE security rules.

Anti-imbrigliamento Security Device.

• Paper, CD, staples, SIM cards shredder.

• Resistant tubular steel frame.

• Great capacity of the container (80 Lt).

• 100% Made in Italy

*Optional HEPA13 vacuum for dust reduction

** Optional “Mobiletto” version with internal plastic container

Why buy Multiufficio EDWARD?

  • Strong, efficient and suitable for heavy work;
    • It allows you to comply with privacy code law destroying reserved documents. It reduces recycling waste and packaging costs allowing cutting paper recycling.
    • Ecological, free space and economic.

Technical Details

 Edward Office
Cutter Feed width330 mm
Cutter Feed Height6 mm
Cutting Capacity30 papers 80gr. 297X420mm (A3)
Cutting Speed6m/min
Motor1HP 1phase
Voltage Cycle (V/Hz)230V 50 Hz / 110V 60 Hz
Weight45 Kg
HEPA vacuum (optional)Yes
Shreds CDs
Shreds Sim cardsYes
Shreds credit cardsYes
Shreds documents with staplesYes
Switch on/off/reverse
Emergency safety leverYes
Compliance with CE regulationsYes
12 months warrantyYes
100% Made in ItalyYes




Emergency safety lever